Kim is a hair extension technician. Working with beauty works hair. She provides nano rings, micro rings, pre bonded and tape extensions. She is also a registered LA WEAVE technician.

LA Weave Authorised Technician Beautyworks Awards

Nano bonds and stick tips

Beauty works celebrity choice Micro and nano rings are a premium range of remy hair and is the choice of most celebrities today. The method Attaches individual strands of hair to your own using tiny copper or aluminium tubes. Not heat and no glue.

Available in 18", 20" and 24".

Pre bonded

Beauty works keratin bond formula is pre tipped onto luxury range of celebrity choice hair.

Available 18", 20" and 24" in length.


Slim line tape system integrates into the hairline by placing directly onto the root. Extensions can be used to creat unique colour bless, colour slices, length and volume. Made from super flat polyurethane weft strip, 4cm wide. Stays fixed for 6 weeks before removal and re application is needed. Specially formulated with medical grade adhesive means long lasting to brushing and washing..

For more information on beauty works applications and how to care for your hair visit


Method to apply wefts. It involves a series of micro rings which are placed in a straight line along your hair, close to the scalp. The weft is then Sewn in to them. No chemicals, no glue, no cornrows, and no heat are used to apply the weft. It is quick application and reusable.

Prices vary depending on amount of hair fitted, length and colour. Please get In touch to book your consultation.